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Welcome to my travel blog! This is where I share entertaining stories, budget travel tips, fun videos, inspiring photography, and crazy adventures with you from my travels Blog.

It’s a place for people like you who are looking for daily inspiration & motivation to live a life full of adventure. Or just tips for planning your next vacation.

I want to show you how to travel the world, to seek experiences over possessions, and open your mind to new possibilities. To visit places that you didn’t even know existed!

My site brings a unique perspective that is hard to find online. I am not a backpacker, nor did I leave everything behind to see the world. If you love adventurous experiences along with the pampering that only great luxury can provide, then this site is the place for you.

Travel explore is a reflection of the things I have seen and learned, as well as a place to find information on a variety of travel topics. I want to make travel more fun and accessible for everyone by providing information on how to experience the best the world has to offer.

A Travelexplore is a wanderer, an adventurer. At heart, that is who I am and I hope you enjoy reading about the art and science of traveling the world.

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